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Monday, July 27, 2009

Kaleb is growing.....

Kaleb Aaron Webster: 6 month checkup and shots
19 pounds and 29 inches (is off the charts with his height)

Papaw Webster's 76th birthday: July 25, 2009
Audra's rehearsal dinner: July 13, 2009 Kaleb turned 6 months old that day!!

Kaleb 5 months and Isaac 4 months (almost 5 months): July 2009
4th of July Pool party: Kaleb 1st time swimming
June 2009: Elkmont Camping trip in the Smokies Kaleb 5 months
Patriotic Musical at Church: Kaleb 5 months old
May 31, 2009 after church with a cute spit bubble

1st Baseball game at the Rome Braves: May 2009 (4 months old)

Baby Dedication: May 3, 2009 Kaleb 3 months old

Kaleb's 1st Easter: April 12, 2009 (almost 3 months old)

Kaleb & Hippo - "The First Six Months"

Greetings, If you are reading this you must know by now that I am Kaleb of the Webster Clan, son of Eric. I scribe this journal as a written account of the many adventures that I and my trusted friend, Hippo have encountered these last few months.
Our most recent adventure was a protection detail for a member of the family. Though we have parents, Hippo and I have discovered there are more advanced, higher ranking parents. They seem to be "elevated" in status to the point of earning the title, "Grand". On this day our GrandFather, (which will be referred to going forward as "PaPaw") was having a birthday. This concerned Hippo from the start, having a keen memory of the LAST birthday we experienced...I however...was in deep concentration, focusing on .....my Toe. What mysteries must it hold, what secretes we could learn...oh look a ribbon!, but I digress.
It seems PaPaw was having a celebration for living an entire year more. Everyone seemed very happy and excited at this. Hippo and I were astonished at the thought of even being alive for an entire YEAR! We took it upon ourselves to act as security for PaPaw during the festivities. It seems we did not have to volunteer for the job as with our very arrival we were thrust directly in front of PaPaw and remained there for most of the day! This worked out perfectly with Hippo's PPpP... or "PaPaw'sProtectionPlan". Things got a bit hairy when the cake was brought out. Is this really a cake? could it be some sort of trickery. I deployed my failsafe method or detection and stuck my hand in it!...Ah. False alarm. Everything is OK. Presents were to follow. PaPaw needed help unwrapping the gifts so having just learned to rip paper...I obliged him.
After the meal, I enjoyed debriefing in the "Chair of the Ancients". This chair was under a cool shade tree, attchached to chains that allowed it to "Swing" back 'n forth. I realized this must be an exclusive seat of power as it were only PaPaw and Daddy sat here. I wondered if this was due to status or that the chair would not take any more weight!!??!! There I sat swinging back n forth as PaPaw instilled great wisdom to me and Daddy....tried to feed me grass. I wondered where Hippo had gone and later learned he was deep under cover, investigating the bottom of the diaper bag.
The rest of the trip is a bit Hazy, as I remember being thrust into the SOP " (Seat Of Power) and into the Jeep. I was reunited with Hippo later that night. We both felt our mission was a success.

_________next Entry.....Hippo Performs a Wedding !!___________

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Mine & Hippo's Great Adventure......Part 1

My name is Kaleb Aaron Webster and these are the recorded exploits of myself and my trusted friend and confidant....Hippo.

After many days held prisoner by the giver of milk, Hippo and I decided to head north. Early Sat. morning we made our way in search of the one they call "Smokey". One of the few we call friend, Towel Dog, had told us stories of a wonderful land of hills and Mayfield yellow jugs of milk. Hippo and I just had to see for ourselves. Towel Dog had told us to seek out "Smokey"... he would be our contact.

We noticed early on in our search that this Smokey must hold great position having had and entire range of Mountains named after him. I find myself growing fearful, but Hippo being the ever constant friend rattles encouragement to me....so we proceed.

We found ourselves seeking shelter at the home of great parents. Apparently these two were so good at parenting they are labeled, "GRAND". We also encountered an "ANT". At first I was confused, I thought ants were bad and were covered in weird powder from Wal-Mart. This ant however was really nice to Hippo and I.

more to follow............

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

4 weeks old

~Parenting is not easy- it takes lots of patience to raise children in a loving, Christ honoring manner.

Its going on 1 month now of having our little precious man at home with us and its been such a blessing!! He is a great baby. He will lay around and just stare at things without making any noise. He is a great sleeper which I love. Kaleb is sleeping 3-4 hours a time at night which makes things so much better on me. I don't feel quite as exhausted as before!! Although, the other night I was so tired around 5am that he peed on me, my blanket, and himself before I really realized it!! I had to wash everything the next morning which was funny then but not so much fun that early in the morning. He is just a JOY and BLESSING to us both. Me and Eric still just sit and stare at him all the time. **Now, he does have some lung power though...if you don't have his bottle ready for him when he wants it, he lets you know how he feels about that. Its usually pretty loud!! ha ha I try to anticipate and always have one either made or almost ready for him just so he doesn't have to get that mad.

Kaleb weighs 9lbs 14oz on Feb 9, 2009.

Kaleb at 4 weeks: my little slugger

Kaleb and daddy....hand in hand!!

Taking the dogs for a walk...they didn't mind the stroller or care that someone was in it.

Feb 8, 2009: Our first trip to Church to watch our friends baby dedication.

First attempt (successful) trip in our awesome stroller!!

3 weeks

"Of all created things, the loveliest and most divine are children."
~William Canton

My new nephew: Isaac Newton Smith

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